Since 2005 ARTENMEDIA has been handling the promotion of a new brands. At the beginning the company’s main interest was marketing and promoting new brands and products, and also connecting business partners.

With time ARTENMEDIA’s evolved to media company. Not only promoting and marketing but also advertising products and new brands.

Today company provides complex services in advertising and promoting products.

We cooperated as subcontractor in making promotion videos for (among others) leading Polish Brewery Company – Kompania Piwowarska SA. We also cooperate with best Polish companies of movie industry (e.g. Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych i Programów Edukacyjnych w Łodzi, Brutus Film).

To provide you the best quality ARTENMEDIA set following divisions:

The Multimedia Division – it provides services according to your needs:

  • promotion videos and films,
  • corporate videos,
  • multimedia commercials and content for Internet and TV,
  • movie trailers, TV jingles, spots, opening titles,
  • business presentations,
  • conference multimedia visualization,
  • TV shows.

ARTENMEDIA also provides photo sessions, TV and film workshops for students and adults. We support our partners during conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs.

The Trade and Marketing Division – helps to promote and build strong brands, especially innovate products and technologies.

ARTENMEDIA is main partner of Vinsvin Sp. z o.o., manufacturer of unique soap with nanosilver (Mydełko Naturalne z Nanosrebrem).

The result of years of experiences allows us to be efficient on the market. The company’s gathered proper knowledge, skill and practice cooperating on the health products market, both traditional sales (pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies) and MLM system. This helps us arrange the sale of new products based on market knowledge and personal contacts with management or owners of companies which are important elements of distribution (wholesalers, MLM).

ARTENMEDIA delivers goods to wholesalers, warehouse system and MLM.

Main distribution channels depending on the product:

  • pharmaceutical wholesalers – hospitals – pharmacies
  • cosmetic wholesalers – cosmetic salons – SPA
  • Internet
  • MLM.

Promotion ways:

  • direct marketing
  • advertising in general and pharmaceutical press
  • participation in trade fairs.